Off to Vegas!

A weekend for a special baby shower in Vegas. Cruisin’ in the intimidator and the first of many cups of coffee. Yeah, Baby!

Love your letter carrier!

Today’s entry is from a stop along California’s Coast in the community of Shell Beach. We met up with Shorty and Willis.
Yes, we keep Valerie, our 6’2″ niece, modest.

This week was her first on a regular route, as she recently began working for the postal service. I can think of worse places to stroll all day.

‘Course, she doesn’t stroll.  She hustles. At least there’s all you can eat Sushi to finish out the night after master audio installer and chef thump bumper Willis was kind enough to take care of the MR2.

When does the adventure begin?

Nikki thought it began in Las Vegas, wen we launched from a family baby shower to the open road and our next destination, which would become Moab, Utah.
I maintain that the adventure began when we went to Dinuba from Fresno And picked up our Toyota, RAV4, the cross-country cruiser to take us to Atlanta for or departure to Guatemala.

Enter the Wagon Queen Family Truckster!

Renaming the Kia Sedona to “the intimidator” was, in fact, my choice. People have been looking at me completely different in our sweet ride.

From there, to here, to there….. Celebrating the now!

It’s an adventure, all right. Last year while approaching her final semesters of Grad School and a few transitions in career and home, we began talking about taking some time to spend together and refresh before the next chapter begins.

Nik always wanted to learn medical Spanish and with that, we thought it might be nice to catch up with some “We should go visit…” Friends, make a visit to Europe from a trip that got bumped last year, and maybe visit a few places along the way. It’s not often an opportunity between homes, cities and careers exist that an extended journey can take place.
The result…. The Radical Sabbatical!
A multi-leg trip from San Francisco to LA via the Southwest, the South, Guatemala, Belize, France, The Netherlands, Germany, Italy, Istanbul, New England and who knows where else.
The segments include: USA Road Trip, Central America, Europe, and the East Coast.
Thanks for joining us along the way.
From there, to here, to there seemed an appropriate way to remember parts of our past, as traveling often brings back memories of parents, family, friends and experiences while exploring things today and looking into the future.
Celebrating the now….. Definitely a way to experience the moment! Life moves too fast to not appreciate today!