Today we learned that “Piñata” is a generic Spanish term best used by children to describe the act of taking a box of crayons, hold them high overhead, and then dumping them all over the floor yelling, “¡Piñata!”

We took a chicken bus to the countryside and walked to the family center that Pop Wuj supports, as they have nutrition clinics, medical and social work support. Great kids and a really special day!

A nice ride back to the school, though an unexpected bus transfer when the police boarded the bus at a checkpoint, then everyone began offloading. Fortunately, there was another bus nearby. And fortunately, they also relieved us of 2Quetzals each. (Nice that’s like a quarter)

Natural workout!

Pop Wuj is a non-profit school and use their resources to help the community. Today was Comprar day for their Safe Stoves project.

They’ll build 14 stoves for homes in the rural area, as many just use open fires for cooking. The “Safe Stoves” project is more fuel efficient (as many use firewood) and keeps families and children from smoke inhalation the open fires in their homes. 

Today’s quest was to deliver 100 bricks, metal cooktop, venting, cement, sand, concrete and Cinder Blocks around the countryside for each project. 1400 bricks a la “bucket brigade” down narrow streets, alleyways and dirt sidewalks. 

Yeah….  The phrase of the day is “Muy cansado!”