G Night Out!

Our host recommended a nearby place for dinner. La Giostra. A-mazing!!!!! 

This owner casually has this incredible restaurant that draws in the likes of big celebs. A natural place for us… and the most amazing angel hair pasta ever!!!!  P.S. Florence, I love you. 

The BEST purchase!!!!!

It’s nice that folks have Nespresso Machines available in their airBNB homes, but it’s disappointing the amount of waste of those little cups. If we were to do our trip again, we wild definitely purchase an espresso maker (see the one we would choose). 

The next best things… a Melitta, Filters and Illy coffee!  Not only can we get some hot coffee, but in abundance!  Less waste, and cheaper. We are SO HAPPY!!!!  We’ll still get to make good use of our 5€ purchase for a few more weeks!