“Chicken Bus” – Defining the experience!

Here are some top translations:

“Hey, we have 70 on this 45-passenger bus already, but there’s room for 10 more!”

“You and your portable tienda are welcome!”

“Those aren’t pillows!”

“Don’t worry, the Ayudante* usually hangs off the back of the bus like that!”

“Sure, it’s okay if you sit in my lap…  Señor!”

“Don’t worry, they’ll move out of our way…  eventually”

“I’m sure we can squeeze past that truck, the parked car and that hospital!”

“Dos Quetzales, porfavor!”

“Vamos, Vamos, Vamos, Xela, Xela, Xela, Vamos, Vamos, Vamos!!!”

“Sorry it’s so crowded….  I’ll turn up the music full blast.  That’ll help!”

“I turned down offers to drive for NASCAR three times. It wasn’t as fast and exciting as driving a chicken bus.”

“Yes, I *did* shower last month….  why do you ask?”



*Ayudante…  a Chicken Bus assistant, helper, loader, squeeze-more-in-er.

also…  it’s quite a surprise that there’s an “Orange County Public School” here in Guatemala!