Travel day before travel day. 

Today we left Caye Caulker as we prepare for the next part of our adventure. It’s been a quick two weeks… A hurricane. Scuba diving. New friends. And a relaxed island feeling worth visiting again. It definitely looked different leaving than when we arrived. 

We headed back to Belize City for an evening stay before our flight tomorrow. The town is still cleaning up and it’s really interesting to see how quiet it is without a cruise ship (or two) visiting. The Tourism Village is quiet and many of the stores near the Sourhern tip of the city are closed. 

Fortunately, “Frank” gave us a tour of the area.  Really nice of him since “today” was his “70th Birthday!” Amazing! As a Belizean native, he used to “work” as a “police officer” years ago and ended up, at some time, “working” at our hotel. What luck! And what a coincidence!

(In an unrelated traveler tip, keep details about your trip vague and simple when taking with strange folks in foreign countries.)

Anyhow, we did snap a pic in front of the Belize sign with our new “friend.” It was a charming stroll and insight to chat with a local storyteller.  I’m sure when we return, we’ll be lucky enough again to arrive on his birthday. 

Caye Caulker

The famous Belize sign with the famous Frank.