Arch Support.

Meet our Chaco’s. Contrary to the harassment some may give, these flippers were recommended as great travel shoes, good for both hiking, trekking, and do well in water. With their arch support, they’re supposed to have great traction and good for versatility. We’ve been getting used to them over the weeks leading up to our trip. Today’s test…. A little visit to the Delicate Arch in Arches National Park.  A few miles of trekking. Completely amazing to visit the places ya see in pictures.

Cap’n Kirk saves the day!!!

In 2008, one of the best trips we took was a road trip when we found our FJ Cruiser.  Russ wanted it to be black & white and 6 speed.  Though this model wasn’t around any used car lots in California, Nikki actually located the car in Nashville, TN.  So after Russ was diagnosed with cancer and recovered from surgery, we bought a one-way ticket to Nashville.  Site unseen, we were planning to buy a car an drive it back to San Francsico. Typical Gee Adventure, right?

To add to the journey, with iPhones in hand, our plan was to book our hotels along our way.  We knew we wanted to visit Memphis for some music, visit some family in OK City, stop by Santa Fe, and stay a night at the Grand Canyon.  It was a great adventure!  Russ would be driving while Nik was searching the web for the day’s hotel deal.

So…  the same for this trip.  We do have some anchor stays planned, but we went to Priceline today!  We left Las Vegas and decided an evening’s stay in Moab, UT, would be a nice night to catch some rest and take a couple short hikes around Arches National Park.

Thanks, Cap’n Kirk.  The Best Western in Moab was the best…  a new pool and updated rooms….  and we parked right outside to pass our luggage through the window.  Total drive-up service!