Typical Gee Adventure

How can you begin to portray nearly 19 years of wedded bliss…. ahem….well….the real story is…

Rusty, “What?  Take five months and travel the world with my G?…  Heck Yes!!!!”

On a modest schedule of 24/7/364, Rusty works in television production. Always interested in exploring new stories, it was an easy decision to make the journey with Nicole.  (That, and all our stuff is already in storage).

Nikki is an oncology nurse and just completed her Master’s in Nursing Leadership. This next journey has stemmed from a dream of hers to study medical Spanish abroad.

Easily said, we’re going from point A to B, via the South, Central America, Europe and the East Coast… and back again to point A.

Yes, it’s an adventure. and knowing us….  it’s a Typical Gee Adventure!